Designed a card game's brand and associated packaging.

What liquid would you replace all the water on Earth with? What experience with a friend will you never forget? Start an argument over the size of a person's earlobe next to you.

These questions, and hundreds more make up the primary content of my card game, Tell Another Tail. After designing the gameplay and content, I had to design a brand that represented this exciting story-telling experience.

What is this game? Tell Another Tail is a story-telling experience to get to know your friends! Answer questions and perform actions to learn more about one another. Players can play anywhere with at least one edition. Combine multiple editions for a more varied experience and to allow for more players.

I started this process by writing out a word list of animals with distinguishable tails and words that were associated with conversations and language. I chose varied, minimal, holistic, and illustrative as words that described the direction I wanted to go in. This inspired me to consider using a dynamic brand.

What were some current brands and icons that inspired me?
Elephants, chameleons, cats, birds, books, quotes, and tongues were some of the symbol combinations I considered.

After sketching out over fifty different ideas, I settled on three directions I wanted to explore. My favorite was a chameleon combined with a quotation mark. Other options were words with a quill tail and a bird with a chat bubble. After passing these ideas by peers, professors, and my target market, I decided to pursue the chameleon solution.

Where are the legs? After solving some issues with the first draft, I designed two final lockups.
These lockups are used interchangeably and vary in color based on the theme of each card deck.

After coming up with the mark, I wanted to explore the packaging of this card game. What would a card look like? How would decks be differentiated from one another? Because chameleons change colors naturally, I was inspired to create a brand system that would change colors as well. Each deck and the cards change color based on the theme of each deck. I specifically explored three decks, the Scenario Deck, the Unbelievable Deck, and the Adventures Deck. I carried the chameleons pattern to the front of the packaging to keep a consistent visual language.

The backs of the cards vary significantly to allow easy reorganization after play.
The fronts of the cards use the typeface Brandon Grotesque.
The box included important information and each pack is identifiable from one another.

Tell Another Tail adds new content frequently and will soon be for sale publicly. I created a series of brand guidelines and color schemes to create a consistent visual language that can be expanded on in the future.

Check out the brand guidelines:
Brand Guidelines