Reimagining a digital experience for Microsoft's New Employee Orientation

Microsoft's New Employee Orientation (NEO) program is a series of in-person sessions, videos, and events for recent hires. My goal was to recognize the new hybrid work experience offered by Microsoft and create a visual system representative of the spirit of One Microsoft.

NEO is formed by four parts: Taking care of you; Working together in a thriving culture; Empowering the world together; and A platform for your purpose. After six-months of development of collaboration with Microsoft and peers, we implemented a new brand for NEO that 27000 employees a year experience.

After six-months of development of collaboration with Microsoft and peers, the NEO was launched as an onboarding toolkit seen by 27,000 employees a year. This project was completed in partnership with two other Indigo employees. I was responsible for concept research, 3D art direction, brand development, ancillary elements, and swag exploration.

I designed universal abstract forms separate from language, location, or cultural identity.
Our solution was to create an abstraction that represents the energy and human experience of growth.

We created cohesion and alignment with Microsoft by using the four colors of their logo in alignment with their more recent designs. We differentiated the look by using vibrant organic forms built almost entirely from light. The theme of each session is communicated through elegant metaphors related to the respective content.

Through hundreds of style frames and motion explorations, the layered light approach eventually landed us on two key pillars: evoking emotion and creating a sense of wonder. We wanted to drive curiosity within each employee. The choice of illumination highlights the growth and energy each employee brings. The motion adds a dynamic atmosphere with limitless possibilities. The layers conjoin to represent how Microsoft is a whole of many parts.

Collaborating with sketches and material explorations to create vivid proofs of concept.
Motion adds visual interest and a journey to each form.

To date, I have explored our layered light concept with sketches, style frames, storyboards, a brand book, PowerPoint templates, ancillary elements like Microsoft Teams backgrounds, and some initial swag designs.

A variety of templates were designed to elevate a digital-first experience.