Transforming educational institutions into powerhouses with Microsoft Higher Education

Microsoft Higher Education desired an interactive platform that helped educational instituions see the benefits of using Microsoft products. My intention was to create an interactive campus that highlighted each of the benefits available.

How do you elevate iconic universities to meet the technological world of today? By creating a visual language that combines the technological leaders of today with the communities found within higher education. With help from 3D artists and developers, I created a campus that highlights the various offerings Microsoft can provide these institutions. I leveraged architectural, typographic, and user experience inspiration to create an environment filled with information.

I built a world beyond these renders:

Explore Microsoft Higher Education (under development)

The university tiles are color-coded to align with different content foci. Each icon can be clicked on, bringing you to a closer view. For example, the purple magnifying glass can be clicked on, leading you to a page with the following render.

I started with sketches and a material palette and then led a team of 3D artists to create the final output.
I defined a set of rules to create the world of higher education.

Throughout history the world has relied on students to drive it forward. I wanted to echo that. We used wood to symbolize the timeless influence of educational institutions, acrylic to represent the malleable nature that Microsoft provides with its products, denim to highlight the humanity and tangibility of education, and steel to represent the confidence and security of a product backed by Microsoft.

I explored movement, composition, and scale for visual interest.
Dive into Microsoft Higher Education:

Explore Microsoft Higher Education (under development)